Tuesday, August 21, 2007



Rebecca said...

HEY there! Hiya! YIPPEE! Boy am I excited to see a post from you!

No exaggeration, I was talking to Matt YESTERDAY about you and how I missed your updates!

The kiddos sure are growing up! I can't hardly believe it! My sister posted a picture with three babies in carseats (from Michelle's shower) a few weeks back and I didn't have a CLUE who the one baby was. Turns out-it was your Eli! :-)

He sure is a cutie pie! His look is distinctly Eli, I can't see much resemblance between him and his siblings. If any, it would be to Esther. He is beautiful.

Hope you are all well, that the summer and sports seasons are slowing down a bit, that the kids are excited for school to come, and that you are all happy and healthy.

Keep those posts coming! ;-)

Jane said...

Hurray!!!You're back!!!