Sunday, April 08, 2007


Elijah is growing so quickly...although still quite newborn...he definately is coming into his own look.
I love Eli in blue...especially navy. For now he has blue eyes...just like Esther did. I wonder if they will turn brown like hers? Such a handsome little man.
Esther is in love. Plain and simple--head over heels in love with her little brother. One can't hold this little child in peace without a little someone asking for a turn...or giving advice. Esther is QUITE instinctive nurturer...and I hope that her bond with him lasts and lasts. I also hope to help her hone her skills...she is such a little homemaker....I love it!


Rebecca said...

Those are positively PRECIOUS photos-every single one of them! You are right-he HAS already developed his own look. I love that second one. He looks so BIG in it-not BIG as in large but Big as in alert and understanding, etc. I am coming out next week for a week and I hope to see you in church so I can meet Elijah!

I LOVE that shot of Esther. How sweet is that?!?! IT's neat to see her develop some of her 'gifts' at such a young age!

Michelle said...


I think he looks so much like Cory in the first photo. He is getting so big! It never ceases to amaze me just how fast little ones grow in the first few months...