Thursday, February 03, 2011


Isaac has been coming home telling me about things he has learned in school...and quite frankly...I dont ever remember learning! I don't know if I was not a particularly good student...if it was my school...or what...but I do feel like I have lacked a good education in a lot of subjects. So...Cory scored me an a textbook called America...History of our Nation. It is absolutely GIANT! It is nice because it is a Teachers book so it has more food for thought...So instead of reading the nice new trilogy that Cory bought me the other day...I am going to be learning about civilizations...wars...and ...eras.... I hope to be a better student this time around. While I want my kids to be smarter than me...I dont want that to happen in 5th grade! Sheesh!

Speaking of learning...we watched an old 7th Heaven video the other day with the kids. Cory was doing a book with his students called Number the Stars, so he decided to show this particular episode that dealt with the holocaust. It was a very good lesson for the kids to learn...and at the same time very scary. It can be very easy to skip over lessons like these because they are too painful...but I think that is one reason that it should not be that it will never be forgotten.

Hope everyone is warm and toasty....I am finally thawing out after having to pick up tons of newspaper flyers that blew all over our yard...driveway...neighbors driveway...what a mess!

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abigail said...

Ug. I identify with this post. More than anything else, homeschooling has taught me how ignorant I am. :) Good for you for taking deliberate steps toward further knowledge!

Would you be able to come to a get-together sometime in the next few weeks? I think Mondays may be best for Elizabeth. If you could make the drive, what days would work best? My email is leftymylou at gmail dot com.