Monday, February 18, 2008


We are on vacation right now in Western PA. I just woke up. I have been battling a nasty sinus cold so I asked Cory if he would get up with the kids and let me sleep longer, and then I would return the favor the next day. So he did. The next thing I know there was a loud banging sound, and I thought someone had run into our car...dont worry it was just the garbage truck....whew. Then Cory had come upstairs to wake me up...only to find me up...he told the kiddos to keep an eye on Eli while he talked to me to find out the plans for the were talking ...and we hear Eli...that is no big deal...he is always making noise....and then Cory says we have to watch Elijah and the stairs...Esther says he can climb up them...I said ok we will watch out. Cory goes to leave and Eli is at the TOP of the stairs and when he sees Cory he starts to stand up....Cory lets out a YELP...and grabs the chubby bundle and hands him to me...and we smother him with all kinds of kisses because we were so terrified...and he is eating it all up because he is sooooo proud of himself and well, he thinks that we are fussing all over him for his good work....QUITE a scare. We are keeping a closer eye now.

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Rebecca said...

Yikes! That is scary! Glad he was 'caught!' Sorry to hear you are feeling bad on vacation. THat REALLY stinks, especially when on vacation!