Friday, February 15, 2008

The Sweetheart Dance

About a month ago I told Esther that her school was going to be having a "Sweetheart Dance". I told her that she should ask Daddy if he wanted to go on a date with her...she was soooo excited and asked him right away. She then proceeded to go straight to her closet and pick out her fanciest dress...(which by the way is not really all that fancy.) She has been so excited about this day, and it has finally come! Esther is in for a big surprise though! It is official...Esther will never marry I am sure because I am convinced she wont find anyone who can live up to her Father--HA. As soon as Cory found out about the dance he went out and bought her a BEAUTIFUL dress. It is red and black with sparkly flowers on it. It also has a shiny red bow too. The bottom of it has that filmy kind of material...She is going to be beautiful. (As if she needs a dress to be beautiful says the Mother.) Anyways, Cory also bought her a wrist corsage, and each of the girls a half dozen carnations...I have been waiting for this moment too...I really think it is important that a Father make his daughte(s) feel beautiful and special...after all, isnt that how you would want your daughters husband to treat them? Esther really eats this kind of attention up, so I am really proud of Cory for picking something out so beautiful for her...and treating her like such a little lady. I will take pictures :)

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