Saturday, October 30, 2010


All of this has paid off rather well I think. He had his braces taken off in order to allow other teeth to come in. He has to wear a retainer to make sure all of the work that has been done...*stays* that way. If he wears it faithfully...there is a chance he may not have to get them back on again :-)
Well Hellooo Handsome!
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Jthemilker said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful smile!

Rebecca said...

wow! What a HUGE difference! It is hard to believe braces can change the entire look of a mouth! Can't say the process looked very comfortable though!

Full of Grace said...

I wouldn't have guessed those were the same teeth! UNBELIEVABLE! Samantha has a bad problem with her teeth but our insurance stinks so unfortunately she will just have to make due with her smile. Isaac's teeth look amazing!