Monday, October 25, 2010


This little guy is so precious...He is now 15 months, and we are finished nursing. He is doing well with it most of the time. He misses it when he is tired. He wakes up at night and asks to nurse...then cries when I snuggle him instead...which is fairly short lived, and gets better each night :-)
Still...a very snuggly mamas boy....who LOVES to play ANYTHING!....He is precious for sure!

This smile says it all....Happiness that "I lost my first tooth" Of course I always feel a little twinge when these things happen. Slowly each little milestone steals away my babies...I know it is silly...but I can't help it...I was born a sap I suppose. I suppose with it....Each milestone allows me small glimpses into the child they will become...and that makes me smile.
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