Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Cory and I had the pleasure of attending one of his friends from highschools wedding. His friend Brad was actually a groomsman in our wedding. The ceremony was held at his property. We were shuttled up to the property on a bus...and then upon arrival we were driven by horse and carriage up to the field. It was amazingly beautiful! Afterwards they had an outdoor cocktail hour.
One of the highlights of the wedding was the reception was held in the old barn. Yes--thats right..the BARN! They had it all beautifully cleaned out...and had fancy chandeliers hanging. The tables and chairs were white, and had fancy decor. It was catered by Gances...and the food was really amazing. The band was from Philly and they did an amazing job...it was really large too...complete with all the instruments...not dj style at all. We could have danced all night long...but since we had little ones at home with a sitter...we had to come home.
All in all it was such a fabulous time! Every time I attend a wedding I am always reminded of my choice to marry my husband...man Im glad I didnt let him get away!Posted by Picasa

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