Thursday, February 01, 2007


Happy February indeed! This morning I was very blessed! My husband got up early, took out the garbage, drove my van to town and put gas in it...then came home again. I woke up to a DELICIOUS smell...that guy of mine mixed up a cinnamon struesel loaf for the family for breakfast!!! He was so proud of himself for being such a big help...and I had to concur! Off he went to work...and then I had to get the kiddos ready for the day. While I was packing Isaac a snack for the day, he had sneaked into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. I came to wish him a happy February...and found him gone! I checked the bathroom, and he of course was busy getting himself ready...I praised him up and down and all around...which spurred him onto do other things which made me so proud! It truly was a fabulous morning, and it just made my day so much brighter! This is not a regular occurance in our home...but when someone does something so thoughtful for someone else I just have to gush...and it makes me kind of want to do something special for someone else...I already wrote Cory a " youre the best" note via email...perhaps I will write a letter to Isaac...he would love that! Hmmm...I will think of something...hope you are having a great start to your February too!


Jthemilker said...

Send it to him in the MAIL. :) Or make your own post mark.

Jemit said... sweet! Our little Isaac is really growing up.