Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love Christmas for a lot of being *sparkles*....I love how the light just catches right and it is so magical. I was so excited to go and get this tree...we have not had a real tree for quite some time....I dont think the kids EVER had one. This year we add the smell of pine to the air...and NEW candy canes since Elijah ate them all last year.
I dont care for angels on trees...I like stars...I bought this teeny *sparkly* star at Family Dollar a couple of years ago. I like it alot. The kids will eventually get their trees in their room as usual, and I will love the soft glow that comes from each one.
Hope you are having fun decking your own halls...Id love to see some of your own shots!
Merry Christmas!
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Rebecca said...

Your tree looks an awful lot like ours-we do the deep red and gold too! real trees are BEST for the smells of Christmas. NOT best for cleanup.

But still, I love real trees.

Lovely decorations!

Full of Grace said...

*sniff* I am sad cuz the last shot should have been our family too..Hopefully next year!

Love your tree, cannot wait to see it in person :)