Friday, October 23, 2009


Isaac had the assignment of creating an Iriquois village. I must admit we had a good time...I love projects...LOVE them. Originally I was going to do this with Isaac, but since I was sewing Esthers dress, I passed it off to Cory, and I am glad I did...I think I might have done more of the project myself....I say this because the other day when I was picking the kids up from school I saw a mother bring her sons project was perfect...NO WAY a kid made that glue smears...nothing...googly eyes all in exactly the right fact I saw her working on it in her car...anyhow...when I get an idea in my head ...that is how I want it to be...and clearly this was Isaacs project...and not with that said...he did what he wanted with some guidance from Cory...and he has the burnt fingers to prove it...from the glue gun.
The finished product.
This was a fun project to do...The floor was made from flour water and coffee grounds to make it look more authentic...Isaac also had to write a paper about his project, and he did a great job with that too...I m so proud of my boy. This was a very informative project...I thought all indians lived in tee pees...ha...Im so naive.Posted by Picasa

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Jemit said...

Wow!!!Excellent job, Isaac.. I'm very proud of you!
In grandma's grade book, you get an A for excellence !