Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Jenn Weekly

I cant believe I missed this Wednesdays Jenn Post!!! Well, I do have a little excuse...things are backed up here. Asher and I went to the Dr. yesterday and he has an ear infection, I have a sinus infection...Cory went to the ER Saturday night and has Sinusitis...we havent got much sleep here.

Guess what? When we DO sleep...Asher is sleeping through the night!!! He wakes up around 5 or 6...eats and goes back to sleep and doesnt wake up till after 7!!! I am sooo excited.

Oh well...I have got to go do the ever unending pile of laundry! Imagine this...7 shirts, 7 pairs of pants, 7 bath towels...=21 articles of clothing a day!!!! Plus any dish towells, burp cloths, spilled on clothes...and dont get me started when someone gets sick!!!! OH sheets cant EVER get behind...because that makes 42 articles of clothing ...but I do...I always get I always have a mountain (litterally) of laundry...and you have to climb over it to get to the shower/toilet...because of course we only have one bathroom for our large family and guess where the laundry room is? So instead of doing my laundry...I am typing on my blog...(actually in my defense I have done 2 loads already. ) NEVER fear Jenn...I wont be swallowed up in my own dirty you know why? Because my husband will evenually help me lug everything down to the laundromat and I will take up a million washers just to get all of the laundry done...and for a moment I will sigh and let out a big breath...and say "WE DID IT!!!" and then it will start all over tomorrow...21+ items of clothes...and that is WHY I freak out when the kids want to change their clothes when they come home from school....that is ONE MORE ITEM...!!! Hope you are well, and your laundry is under control:) PS....does anyone else have this problem or am I all alone in laundry land?


Woman with the Yellow Hat said...

I can't stop laughing! I'm honored. While I don't seem to struggle (yet)(2 rather than 5) w/ doing the laundry, folding is lacking, but I hide that in the nursery! Oh and now we're not going to do laundry b/c we're going to watch some Mr. Bean (Google for youtube mr bean) :-)!

Jemit said...

Dad and I let it collect for a week or two and then hit the laundromat where I do the laundry and he catches up on reading! Hehehehehehe