Friday, October 23, 2009


Another shot of the longhouse .
Corn was important to the Iriquois was considered "one of the three sisters" so he incorportated that...they lived along the water...which he made with tiny glass beads. The grass was made from spanish moss.
Here is one of the Iriquois Indians that Isaac made. Inside you can see the beds/work areas that they slept/worked on. Each section had many family members living in it. Imagine a long house with a long hallway running down the middle of it...a fire in each section...animal skins hang on either side to give privacy to the different families with in the family...notice the corn hanging in the "rafters"....they had nets that hung from the top to hold their belongings as well.
A very good job by my handsome builder!!Posted by Picasa

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Rebecca said...

This is amazing! My jaw just dropped to the floor! What a fascinating project---and such a good job he did! I love the Indian people (who resemble his own facial features I might add!) and the bead water and EVERYTHING. What an awesome job!

Tell him I think he did GREAT too! I am VERY impressed! (And now I want to do something like that too with my kids...even though, like you, I will want to do it all myself! hehe)