Sunday, November 08, 2009


I participate in a Photo Friday challenge...where this past weeks subject was "Dress-Up". One of the participants by the name of Tracy put pictures of her Dressed-Up table...she went on to say how her family ate everyday like mouth gaped open, and I thought...we only EVER dress our table up when it is a holiday. Maybe it was my upbringing...where we never used candles...and that only on special occassions where Mom would burn supper...I remember asking her...could you burn supper tonight? I loved that.

So...I decided to give myself a different kind of challenge. All this week...and hopefully more...I am going to "dress up" my supper table. The first night...I got out my red holiday table cloth, and a chunky candle...and pulled out the water goblets that Cory and I bought before our wedding...Cory said..."I dont know if that is such a good idea...they might break..." I said..."yes, they may...or we could keep them in the very back of our cupboard for another 10 years and never use them...." He said nothing...meaning he agreed. So I filled them up with cold water...and we ate our spaghetti and garlic bread on my powder blue plates...(with the red table cloth? ) The kids went on and on how much they loved it. We even put some soft music on in the background. It was really nice.

I got this tablecloth at the christmas tree shop for $5.00. It was a Martha Stewart. I set the table again and Gayle said...I love this Mommy. Later, Isaac came through and saw that the table was set...and filled the water glasses...2 hrs early. He was excited too. They keep calling it "Mommys special dinner"...and it is all because THEY feel special. I am not one who decorates alot...and would like to get back into doing I started with my Table...

I do not have much in the way of table decor...but I am lucky because my Mother-in-law has lots of goodies to borrow from, and I know that I will be raiding her cupboards in the near future:) So even though it may not look spectacular to everyone was just a little something that made a difference to me and my family...I think I may keep this up!


Rebecca said...

beautifully done Wendy!

You're right--the specialness of it comes from your doing that FOR them. As a gift. These things are the things that they remember (like you remembering your Mom's
burning supper.) It is a gift.

One thing my children really REALLY love is specially folded napkins. I looked up how to fold them on the internet (and it isn't hard!) and that just makes their day. Sometimes, using particular folds (like the candle fold) you create a pocket where you can tuck something inside (like a piece of halloween candy?!) for dessert.

It's also fun to decorate table-setting nametags for them. This is something I try to do but not every night to the same extent.

The other day Corynn said to me "Mama. Can you clean the kitchen listening to Micheal Buble with all the lights off in the house and only the pretty lights on and candles? I liked it when you did that before."

I laughed outloud as she explained that only the kitchen was lit in the whole house except candles and I was singing and dancing while doing the dishes.

IT was funny at first, but it made me stop and think too.


Good job to you and putting forth that extra bit of time to make those who you love feel like kings and queens. It is SO worth it.

Rebecca said...

Oh-PS. THanks for rescheduling. Yep-same time is fine. Matt had off all week this past week and so not only did the house get trashed, but we took off of schooling too and I REALLY need to get back on track before I take another day off. THANKS.

Jemit said...

Wow! Wend.. and you didn't even have to burn dinner to do this..hehehehe
I'm impressed. Your table is elegant.

Full of Grace said...

That is a great personal challenge. At the beginning of the year I found my perfect dress up dishes on clearance. I got rid of the non-matching dishes Bob and I had been using for years and finally had a beautiful set for special occasions and company...Pathetically enough, we have used them once no more than twice...

How sad...I need to do this sometime too! Your table looks beautiful :)