Monday, November 09, 2009


Okay, usually I have a hard time doing these PTA fundraisers because sometimes they are ridiculous...$8.00 for 15 sq. ft of wrapping paper?...I dont think so. This one is a little different. I would appreciate maybe you might, and the price is not horribly outrageous. Mostly I just have the kiddos ask the family, but if you are interested in this you can let me know. They are called Mini Gourmet Cookbooks. They are 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"...150pages with 135+ recipes...with a little built in easle. They are $6.50 each. These are the titles:

Keepsake Holiday Recipes
Just Like Grandma Used to Make
Irresistible Cookies and Bars
Busy Moms Cookbook
5 ingredients or Less
Better Health
Crockery Cooking
From the Grill
A taste of Italy
Gifts from the Kitchen
Kids in the Kitchen
Grab Bag Special....2 cookbooks for only $6.50 (it will consist of 2 of 17 possible titles. ) (Different ones are mentioned other than the ones mentioned...but you cant request them...thats why its a grab bag...haha.)

I am going to get a few for myself, I like to cook...and maybe the kid one for a stocking stuffer or something. So...for those of you who are will be calling...(I know...I know...we just sold popcorn for the me, I know...DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO BUY COOKBOOKS!!!!! Just know...they are coming...ha ha ha. Actually you can let me know ahead of time, and I will steer them away from you, that way you dont have to say no to them. Leave me a note.

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