Thursday, March 04, 2010


The nasty beast was lying in waited until I proclaimed it over...and then attacked. In other words...I got the flu yesterday. I was happy that I never had to chuck though...I hate that. Feeling better, and have lots to get done.

Baseball starts next week. I am feeling happy/sad. Happy because this signals Spring for me. This is the time I start going to the park with the kids :-) Going to baseball games with my littles. Sad because...Cory is gone a lot. Supper is late. More hands make work less...Ive got my work cut out for me. I think I will be more happy than sad...:-)

I need to go grocery shopping...without the kiddos...I have been putting it off because of all of the sickness...but if I dont go soon it will be Cream of Ketchup Soup...ha ha.

My friend Lydia should be having her twins any day now!!! So many people are pregnant...must be something in the water. Everyone keeps asking us if we will have any more. Thats the million dollar question...ha ha. What do you think?


Rebecca said...

(Going backward)

#1: I think you are a sucker for a new baby. I think you have another one left in ya. ;-)

#2) Cream of ketchup! I actually spewed enchilada sauce when I read that. So FUNNY. I have to go grocery shopping too. I don't think I have gone child-less in...oh....6 years. :-(

#3)Sorry the sickes keep happening. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!? My family has never been so It is totally weird. How does next week Wednesday sound? crossing fingers.

Wendy said...

Wednesday is no good :-( Thursday or Friday? I will leave a note on your blog too.