Friday, March 26, 2010


The other night Cory and I were watching tv....we heard a loud pop! I thought maybe a bear was into our garbage or I was peeking out the windows when Cory said "there is a fire over at the neighbors house!" The kids were all asleep, so we ran up...all the while Cory was calling wasnt the house, it was a blazer on fire! He ran up and found our neighbor with his hands in his pockets watching the blaze as if it were a simple campfire. (?) Anyhow...I yelled "get out of there, that thing could blow" Cory managed to help him out of the way before windows and such started exploding...he said to me "go get him a cup of coffee"...I did...I tried to hand it to him, he couldnt hold it, he couldnt even walk! So Cory helped him down to our porch where he kept asking Cody (yes, he knows Corys name) "is that my vehicle? " "What happened to my truck?" Anyhow, the fire dept. put the flame out...Cory called the mans relative...he said, his car is on fire, hes on our porch with a cup of coffee, hes had a little more than coffee this evening....hed like you to come. His relative showed up and put him in his truck and drove straight through the chaos...nobody was very happy with him. The neighbor came down the next day to see us...he didnt know how he got out of the house...Did Cory drag me out? Cory were standing right beside it....his family called to try to make sense of this...they said that the word on the street is that Cory pulled him from a burning car...AND apparently pulled him from his house...Cory said...thats nice of you to say...It may have looked like I was dragging him...because he could barely stand up! We just got over that last accident, and now this! I am thankful for one thing...these are providing GREAT lessons for the kids on the effects of alcohol abuse. Im just glad that no one was hurt...and that I live with a hero ! ha ha!

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