Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I think the dreary weather has taken its toll. It is when I feel the most unproductive. I feel rather blah today...

THE FIGHT ON FLAB....isnt. I stopped doing it when we had that week of sickness run through the family. I have felt SO tired that I have just about dropped into bed every night since...sometimes I am so tired I dont remember ever going to bed--seriously. I want to reclaim this...but I am not feeling optomistic. I just need to quit whining about it and DO IT! I felt SO good when I was doing it.

SUPPER.....I love to have family meals....LOVE IT. While Cory has baseball season--it lends itself to having later suppers. It also lends itself to me running 2 kids to ball games, and one to piano...which means I dont have tons of time for cooking...I have to make use of the crockpot. I have talked about doing Once a Week cooking...I would have to try it out. I love to cook, and I would miss doing a major portion of it...maybe I could just do a lot of food prep early...you know like pre chopping veggies, making soups/stews and freezing or canning them...precooking ground beef. I want to have tasty good for you meals...and not have to eat at 8:00pm.....its a work in progress.

Family Worship.....Finally something that is going well! A short while back I had ordered the Vos Childs Story Bible. I had a different one that I loved so much that we have exhausted for our worship time. I liked it specifically because it used actual scripture. The Vos Bible is a little different for us so far...but one thing I really like about it, is that it is good at explaining hard truths to little ones. For instance the concept of God having no end and no beginning. For me, I dont have to "understand" it...if the Bible says that is the way it is...that is what I believe...no questions. For my son Isaac, he seems to be struggling with this question...how can someone have no beginning? He had to start from somewhere right? I also bought the book beginning with the Johns Gospel by Susan Harding. We are reading this right along side of the Vos Bible, and I hope that it will reinforce some of these truths. We also have been trying to learn 63A in the Psalter.

The kids and I have morning devotions in the car on the way to school. We try to learn a verse, and then move onto another. It is time for us to move on to another. I try to make them verses about things we struggle with. I am thinking about doing the verse in Proverbs that talk about pleasant words being a honeycomb...we have had some nastiness in the past couple of weeks, so I think this could be a good tool.

LAUNDRY.......I will never catch up. This is really ironic. I LIKE to do laundry. I just cant keep up. I have to dry each load twice in the dryer...I clean the lint trap each time...the outside one is clean...Cory has cleaned out the hoses...WHAT is up? I cant utilize my clothesline because the neighbor has one of those outside wood burners which smokes our way...what a bother. I did however buy one of those stick on bounce fabric softner sticks...I LIKE it! It makes everything just smell a little fresher :-) I have to go through clothes again. Maybe this week I can do some organizing.

GROCERIES....I need some...I feel like I really need to leave the kids behind when I go out. If I take them, I tend to get tired out too quickly...plus, I want to get the best deals, and can go to lots of different places...not just Wally World. I think I am going to have to pick a day and make that my shopping day. Before Baseball Season started...sometimes Cory would wake up early on a Saturday Morning and run in and get our groceries...it was such a luxury for me...sometimes he would be be back before I even woke up...ahhh...those were the days! What a great guy!

UNFINISHED......I had planned to make my niece Ella something homemade for Easter....I have no time. Everything seems SO unfinished...or yet to be started...really irritating!

Enough blathering....in the next post I shall have to tell you all of the wonderful time we had with our buddies this past weekend. It is probably more enjoyable to hear! Until then!

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Rebecca said...

I personally love the stuff and nothing posts. I am feeling entirely unproductive too and have been all week. I had planned on making Easter stuff and haven't done it at all (even though every day I think there is only ___ days left). I just don't FEEL like it.

We are likely not going skating on Friday because, turns out, that is Andrews birthday and the weekend is packed with Easter parties so Friday is the only time to celebrate it. Matt is going to be away ALL week next week so I want to spend a *little* alone time before that. If it isn't too much bother though~ let me know when you are going again (if you aren't sick of telling me just so I can say no). I really do want to do it.

I need to use the crockpot MORE. I love it when I use it, just never THINK to. I need groceries too. BADLY.

Lastly, I think memorizing pertinent verses of scriptures is great. I remember having Corynn memorize that very one for that very reason. Thanks for the book recommendations...interesting!

have a happy Easter!

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