Friday, March 05, 2010


Jeremiah 29:11~ "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

A while back Cory and I had got to talking...we would like to put our kids in Christian School...we would love to surround ourselves with more believers...Cory said he would like to have a job where his colleagues had a common goal, and werent out for themselves. Both of us have a dream...and that Dream is to go to our Alma Mater~ Geneva College and serve there. As we drove along, I said to always say how much you would like to teach there...if you really want to do that, why dont you be proactive about it and start classes? He agreed. You might think that I have this desire because my family lives out in that area. This is not the case at turns out it could be a benefit...but no...that is not why. It may be hard to understand to someone who has never experienced Geneva. Geneva is more than a school it is a community. A community where students eat supper at the professors homes...where nobody walks past you without saying "Hi"...Could you imagine a place that could be a spiritual support system? That is Geneva. We want that for our children, and we want it for us. Cory checks the website for openings on a regular basis. While out in Western PA...He spoke of this desire to one of the pastors, and he encouraged Cory to look for openings. As soon as he got back to the house he looked...and there it was...a faculty position for Education in Literacy! LITERACY!!!! That is EXACTLY what he has his masters in!!! Could this really be true? He put together his resume quickly, and then hand delivered it! We thought about how our kids lives could change in a better we could send them to college with no debt to start their lives out!!! We have been waiting and waiting to hear back from them....Yesterday was the day. He got a letter in the mail saying that he was qualified...except for one teensy (HUGE) thing...his doctorate. We figured that this could be the case. We had hoped that he could secure the position and work on his Masters while he was there. We were SO dissapointed! One really nice thing, was that one of his professors wrote him and extra letter...she said that she remembered him from class and that she hoped that he would go get his doctorate so that he could secure a position :) Those words were like a balm for his soul I think. He is researching some places to go to obtain his doctorate. The dream is not over...just on hold. We would do anything to make our kids lives better!

In the morning on the way to school, I have devotions with my kids. We work on a verse until we get it...then move onto another one. This weeks verse was Jer. 29:11. I wanted the kids to know that even when we desire something we should desire Gods will more. If this is hard, then we pray that God will change the desire of our hearts to match what He wants. So more waiting. We have our answer...and it is a No for now. I believe that God has wonderful things in store for us. I dont believe that it happened by coincidence. Definitely I believe Cory is to get his Doctorate for a reason...we will find out what. God is faithful, and has blessed us greatly.

Thank you to all of you who cared enough to pray about this matter...ask us how things were going...provide are simply the best and it shows how much you love us!


Theresa said...

Wendy, I will keep this in my prayers. I only wish that my married life had turned out differently, but as the verse from Jeremiah tells us, the Lord has his plan and will let us know when He is ready for us to fulfill them. Please remember Trina in your prayers, that if it is the Lords will, she meet someone who is like Cory. Love and Blessings......Terri

Wendy said...

Thanks Terri...I know that Trina will meet someone similar...she is a special woman for sure, and you are right...Gods plans are the best!...I am thankful that you are praying for us...we certainly need the prayers:)