Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I think we are done with the "attack of the germs". I took Asher to the Dr. yesterday, and he has an ear infection...poor little guy! Well...look at it this way...I think we got all of our sickness out of the way for the year!!!

This is a photo that I took using my new joby tripod that Cliff got me for Christmas. I had intended to use it for a photo Friday, but the memory card was not cooperating. Anyhow...I like this shot because....well...just because...I love my babies--thats why!

My friend Will (Hi Will)...organized a rollerskating adventure for us on Friday the 12...you should meet us there for the fun! Sometime around 6:30...come on--bring the kids! My kids have never been skating. I havent skated since I was a kid...This should be interesting! I dont know if Cory will skate...so if your hubby doesnt want to then they could hang with mine :-)

Elizabeth...I cant get on your blog...it is by invitation only. Can I come too? YES I want to come to your party! Is your number still the same?


Will said...

Hi Wendy!

Full of Grace said...

Hi Wendy,
I was forced to make my blog invitation only because of a certain person who loves to make my life miserable by attacking everything I say,do, and post and I have decided enough is enough so she will have access no longer. I need to send you an invitation via email. My email address is godscanvasatyahoodotcom. I remember part of your email address but not the whole thing. Please send me your email address and I will invite you ASAP :) Oh, and yes my phone number is the same too :)