Monday, March 08, 2010


Adventure to be sure!!!! Cory has found a Christian college called Liberty College where he plans to get his doctorate online. His goal is to have it done in 3yrs. That includes his dissertation. Each year he will have to spend a week in VA...which is where the college is located. I am really proud of him for wanting to do will be an adventure....for sure! He would like to take his first two classes this summer...and he plans to go full time the whole way through. It is nice to know that if he feels like the load is too much that he could scale down on it the next semester. I am going to have to be creative in order to find him time to study. I figure we could go to the Discovery Center sometimes and he could do his work in the snack room..while the kids play....McDonalds play land...while they play. Sometimes just getting the kids minds off of what they ARENT getting will make a difference...and it will do Cory some good too...he will see the kids having fun, feel like he is with the family, but also free to get his work done. He will also have to choose a few days after school to stay late and make sure that his work is up to par at school. It will be tough...He will need encouragement...I will need will the kids! Please pray for us as we undertake this huge step! His goal is to teach at Geneva....and to serve the students there. To provide a godly atmosphere for his children, ---hes an admirable man--thats for sure!

Some things for prayer:

*Cost Factor* --While most Doctoral programs are $700 or more a credit...(yes you read that right...a CREDIT!) Liberty is much less at $425-$450 a credit. We will to get financial aid for this unless God sees fit to bless us in other ways...which I dont see happening. It will be around $20,000 or more for this *adventure*....but we keep in mind, that we cant send "1" of our children to school for less than is a situation we are willing to undertake to allow our kids to be "debt free" out of college...

*Time Management*--This is obvious!...We definitely have to manage our time with 5 kids and other side jobs. We are committed to doing what we think is will be hard and I hope you will think of us when you pray!

I hope you all are having a Great Week! Talk to you all later!


Jemit said...
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Jemit said...

We are bursting with joy for you Cory! Your parents must be just simply gushing with pride over your decision to go for that doctorate!
Wendell and I support that decision whole heartedly and with others, will pray for your success.
Nothing of value in this life comes easily, but to those who wait upon the Lord, good things happen. Sometimes it takes time, but the blessing will be there.
We admire your strength, ability, and courage to take that step toward the doctorate. It will take some sacrifices, but you can do it and you will succeed toward your goal of teaching at Geneva and providing a Christian education for your children.
At times, it may be difficult when you are wondering where the financial backing will come from to pay the tuition, but be patient.. God works in mysterious ways and won't disappoint you.
Go for the Gold!!

Rebecca said...

I was just telling Matt the other day, it is the hardest (and scariest) things in life that are the most worthwhile.

We are excited for you and will be praying!!

PS. Friday sounds awesome if you are game. I'll plan on it unless I hear from you. Come WHENEVER!