Thursday, February 11, 2010


Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles...Friends....BEWARE! My kids brought home the Gertrude Hawk Chocolate fund raiser for PTA the other day. I think Gayle and Esther will be calling you regarding this...YOU CAN SAY NO... dont feel like you HAVE to buy from them. I only do this to support the PTA .

Guess what else? Isaac is selling seeds for the SCOUTS! He will be calling regarding this.....YOU CAN SAY NO!!! This is just a heads up that you will be getting a call...I will say this for the seeds though...I bought the $5 wild flower mix...I had these crazy wild flowers snowed...and they were just as beautiful as in summer...I will be getting some of those again. It was fun to send the kids in with a handful of wildflowers for their teachers...when they really werent in season...hahaha.

If you dont want to buy...just tell me, and I can steer them away from you...otherwise you will have to tell them NO on your own;-)

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