Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I was thinking of something fun to do with my kiddos. Have you ever heard of Carlos Bakery? Or perhaps The Cake Boss? Chances are you have, and if you haven't you probably dont have cable. We dont either, but when we go to Corys parents home, this is a show that we all like to watch. He makes creative cakes...and by this I mean, beautiful lifelike images...flowers, suitcases, WHATEVER! Anyhow...he also makes other pastries and whatnot. I was thinking it would be fun to take the kids on a roadtrip about 2 1/2 hrs away to his bakery...and buy a treat for each one of us. They would get SUCH a kick out of that, and really I would too. I would have to research some other cool stuff to do in that town, so the trip isnt...hey here's a cannoli , lets go home now! It is just an idea...I haven't told Cory the idea yet...but since he and I like roadtrips...he may be in. One time in college, I called to tell him not to wait for me to go to chapel...that I was in Canada...he would not believe me...some friends of mine just decided to pick up and go...that was fun...those were the days! Anyhow! Back to The Cake Boss...I think it is a great idea.

On a different note. I am growing my hair out long. This is a poll. SHORT? or LONG? My husband is no help...I could have no hair at all, and he will say it looks great!


Full of Grace said...

You Look Beautiful Both Ways, and I MEAN IT!!! :)

Rebecca said...

You always look great-seriously. It's a gift. Not many people can pull off short hair/long hair, curly hair/straight hair, red/blonde/brown hair but miraculously...you do. My SIL Jessamyn is another one of "you people".

I love your short hair especially, I think, because it is SO cute and I couldn't pull it off, so I admire it especially.

It's been a long time since you had long hair, I think. I can't remember what you look like with long straight hair-all I remember is seeing your college age long permed hair. And you were gorgeous then too. Seriously, do you not age???

Rebecca said...

oh-and a road trip? I want one. (and a cannoli, too! :-)

Jthemilker said...

Check out cakewrecks dot com. Funny stuff.

I go back and forth with short/long myself. Short is easier, I think. Especially in the summer.

Wendy said...

Wow...thanks everyone! I hope it didnt seem like I was fishing for compliments...I wasnt. I like my short hair better, but have had SO many people want to KNOW why I cut my hair...I think I will TRY to keep growing it long...just in time to cut it again. I think I look more put together with the short hair...because it requires time to do something with it. When it is long, I just wash and go...easy...so that is what I need right now with Asher .

Oh, and I wasnt even sure if anyone even read this blog...ha ha.