Thursday, February 11, 2010


Obviously at our house it is Valentines Day every day! HA HA. Tomorrow is the Annual Me and my Valentine dance at the school. Cory asked the girls to be his date...and Isaac made me a card that said be should be a special time for sure. The girls and I went to Burlington and picked out some fancy dresses, and they are all set! Cory gets them a dress every year, which I think is so special. It is important for little girls to know that their father thinks they are beautiful, loved, special...whatever! When they grow up, that is the type of person that they need to marry...a man that "shows" them they are worthwhile and important. I am not suggesting that you spend money for could be as simple as making a date with your little girl...just spending one on one time, and telling her that she is a special person ;-)

Boys are the same...they need to see their father treat the women in his life with care and respect...and see their mothers love, care, and respect the men in their lives. Too many marriages go bad because of poor modeling...spend some time on this...its worth the effort.

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