Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Its true. The bug has past...but I am lying in wait for its next victim. Esther woke up today feeling SO much better and wants to go to school. I am keeping her home for another day for two reasons...1 she may still be infectious (probably is)...and 2. she hasnt really eaten any food with substance...afraid of what will happen there. So staying home she will. I was meticulas (sp?) yesterday. I sprayed everything down with this very cool bleach disenfectant spray that I got the other day...who knew it would be so perfect!!! I also had to scrub the tub out...actually that is something Cory likes to do...dont ask me why...(I dont know) anyhow, we have a well, and our water leaves an orange mark over time. Our tub sort of has a rusty appearance. We have tilexed it...used all sorts of cleaners, scrubbers...nothing. Until now! I tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser...and it was...MAGIC! It requires virtually no elbow grease at all! Just a couple of swipes and I had a spot that was magically white! Mr. Clean is my Hero! Try it people! I would recommend that bleach spray made me feel safer...disinfected...bleach smell does that :-) Hope everyone is doing well. Apparently while I have been writing other two school kids have "come down" with something. Both complaining of stomach problems...I cant tell if its legit or not...Gayle feels a bit warm...Isaac complains on a daily basis, hoping to get a day off...I cant chance it. What a world.

Elijah will be 3 next month. *sniff*...he is still such a baby to me. Why must I grieve over age! He is getting to be such a big seemed like full sentences just came out of nowhere! He loves Thomas the Train...which will be his birthday theme...he likes to watch Dinosaur Train on TV...he helps himself to yogurt and apples, is NOT interested in potty training. Ive got news for get until your 3 rd b-day and then it is not an option any longer...yes...he has become quite grown up in many ways...but he is still a cuddley little one...those big brown eyes melt my heart!

I love when the snow looks like it does today... like spider webs in the trees! Everything looks so silvery! Have you ever been to the Cypress Gardens...that is exactly what it looks like...very magestic....However....I can trade it for Spring at any moment :-)

I cant believe I forgot about this!!! I think we have a "new" "used" car! The guy that gets us all of our cars found a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan at the auction...he got it with us in mind, and I am very grateful! Cory went to see it yesterday, and said it was a nice looking van. Our friend wants to check it over in his shop before he sells it to us so that we dont inherit problems :-) Praise the Lord. We had just been praying that God would find us one...because we werent having much luck. a few weeks or less...we may be driving a different vehicle..well, Cory will be driving our Red van...and the kids and I will drive the new one. I wish I could get Cory a Truck...he would really like a truck...but it is just not economical for us at this time. Someday.

Have a great day everyone!


Full of Grace said...

Bob wants a truck in the worst way too..In a few yrs when both big kids are driving (I cannot believe I am saying that!) we could do it as long as it had an extended cab.

Glad that the van issue is coming to a close- it's always exciting to have a "new" vehicle :)

Hope the bug doesn't run thru your whole house!

I have a hangup on ages too- I tear up sometimes when I think Samuel will be 5 in a few short months..And MY baby will be 2 this year! :(

Jthemilker said...

I just had a chat with the infectious disease doc the other day. He recommends choosing disinfectant with at least 50% bleach or alcohol content. He says read the labels. Some of the wipes don't have as much and he thinks they are not as effective in truly fighting the germs.

Woman with the Yellow Hat said...

Soooooo great to hear about the van!!