Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hmmm. I just wanted to blog something. I don't know what. I am sick of snow. I am longing for spring. I read Rebeccas post, and want to make her peanut-butter frosting I will be lurking around her recipe blog to find it....we need a new "used" car...I did 2 loads of laundry so far...(a zillion to go). My family ate 5# of oranges in 2 days...if one asks they all want one...then someone wants a "snack"....I only buy oranges in season...all summer long we go without up kids, for soon you will be orangeless. My friend Jenn is prego with her 3rd baby. Wow...lots of folks are prego...they say it comes in 3s...more like 6s or 7s this time...Fabulous! I put a roast out to thaw to make for is NOT thawed...SO I will make something else...maybe with that cake. Oh yes, there is some sort of motor oil grease in our carpet that I have to tackle...websites say alcohol, and then maybe dish detergent and water...Im scared. Cory rubbed it with a towel...the website said dont do will spread...thats what it did. Where in the world did it come from? Had to be the garage. Also...something else that is pinky red is on the carpet...from a toy that the girls got for Christmas...our NEW carpet...I will use the line my sister says "We just can't have nice things!" I love daffodils...they might be my favorite flower...maybe. I still am waiting for the unspoken....I think it is coming close to an end 2 weeks maybe? I hope. Then I can speak about it. Okay...I to Rebeccas blog for her cake...if not there...then All Recipes. Have a good day everyone.


Full of Grace said...

Wow, let me tell you Wendy, THAT was hard to read..The colors were really playing with my eyes :)

What days are best for you to come over? I'd like to have a few of the "old group" over for coffee and cookies coming up here very soon and I wanted to get a feel for your schedule (because I can't remember) :)

Hope you enjoyed that meal :)

Wendy said...

Usually any days but looks as if Friday this next week my kids have an early that is out too. But overall I am fairly flexible :-) Cant wait to see your new place! Yes I agree the red is hard to read...perhaps I will change that if I get a chance.

Jthemilker said...

Were you feeling a little ADD when you wrote this?