Monday, February 01, 2010


I am really missing Summer and all of its warmth. This picture makes me feel better...just a little warmer :-)
So I guess I live inside a bubble...The neighbor just two doors over has been dead for at least two months! What a shocker! Pray for his wife and two kids that have been left behind.
Waiting...Waiting...More waiting. I am trying SO hard to be patient...this process that we are going through could take literally MONTHS...or we could know TODAY!!!! If you think of it...Pray for us so that we could be Patient.
On a different note...Isaac taught Eli to say "horseapple"...and now everything is a "horseapple" ...thanks Isaac.
This Friday Cory and I and some friends are going to see the Opera Tosca at the Forum! Thanks for the tickets Will! It will be a fun experience for sure!
Meatloaf for dinner tonight I think! With potatoes of some sort...another veggie...and maybe I will make a lemon meringue pie...(maybe.)
Have a great week !

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Full of Grace said...

Okay, I must tell you..I am about to make a phone call and find out WHAT you are talking about :) It's starting to drive me crazy :)