Monday, February 08, 2010


I stole these from my sister JJ. I had never seen this one of Gayle before. I had taken pictures on this day...but apparently missed this one...good job JJ.
This next one...I think I actually "gave" to JJ after someone "gave" it to technically it is *not* stealing. This is my Grandpa with some of his cows...Milk and Milcah I think. Anyhow...I like this one too.
The opera was AMAZING!!! I did not think it would be a genre that I would care for to any great extent, and I was pleasantly surprised. I think the fact that they had subtitles to see instead of just listening to Italian made all the difference! is good to support your local Arts! Thanks to Will who got us the tickets and made it all possible!!!
Well I got my "excercise contraption" is a Stairmaster...I guess I was afraid to "say" what it was, cause I didnt want some random person to look it up and steal it out from under us...I am pretty pathetic! As it was, the guy was really great and honest...he said he had SO many folks call and say...well...we can be there today...why not today? Lets hear it for honest people!!!! I have a goal to do 20-30 min. a day...I guess the goal of 3# was a bit much ...I will just have a goal to excercise and be healthy ...I am so happy to have it, and I am thankful for my Hard Working Husband who drove an hour and a half away to get it for me --!!!
Whats for supper? Hmmm...I need to work on this, I dont know yet...I think I will make some sugar free pudding for dessert though...the kids will LOVE it, and I will look like I fussed over them...hehehe. By the way...get your milk at is a LOT cheaper.
Hope everyone will have a FABULOUS week! What is everyone doing for Valentines Day?


Full of Grace said...

You are funny Wendy- I hope you didn't think I would steal it from you, I am better than that ;)

After we get our basement cleared of boxes, I'd really like to get a treadmill for down there for me. I have problems with my knees sometimes, so I think that a treadmill would be the safest for my knees.

We have no plans for Valentine's Day, but that is pretty typical at our house. Bob always throws a fuss about it, saying it is a commercialized holiday and he won't pay double for things, because he loves me all yr. It's sort of a cop-out, but sometimes he'll surprize me with Something (and then sometimes he won't)

I guess our house is our Valentines Gift to each other...

Jemit said...

That picture of your grandfather Blair-Milcah and Terza (I hope I spelled that right).. He always had fun names for his cattle.. Rudderbar and towline were the twins. Then he had Honda and Suzuki.. :)

Wendy said...

Oh Elizabeth you are hardly a "random" person! You know how you can google words like stairmaster, and it *could* come up on my blog and some random person could say...Hey...I want that and steal it. WOW...I AM pathetic. I didnt think any of YOU would do that...I was just protecting my dream...hahahahaha.

Mom...Ok yes, I knew one was milcah...Ithink you spell Tirzah...well...the way I just did. ha ha. But you might NOT want to take spelling lessons from someone who spells DEFINATELY wrong...definitely not.