Friday, February 05, 2010


HA...I was just looking at my blog and thought..."How Ironic!" I have a post about driving 2 1/2 hrs away to go to a bakery to stuff our faces full of pastry...and then a FIGHT ON FLAB CHALLENGE....HMMM...hmmm. I never cease to amaze myself.

Tonight Cory and I and some friends of ours are going to see the opera TOSCA. I am really excited about this...I am not sure that opera will actually appeal to me...but I do like the arts, and Cory and I went to a lot of plays in the experience alone is really worth it! Plus, it is good to be with friends!

Hope you are all having a GREAT week!


Rebecca said...

amen to that.

matt took off work to make a day of going to a local Fiddler on the Roof program and I am SUPER excited. I was in drama in highschool and really want my own kids to appreciate the arts as well.

CiderMill playhouse is doing Hello Dolly sometime in June/July and are offering school showings as well. I am hoping to get a spot there too---if you are interested, you can join me!

PS. I like the fight on flab. I wish I could. You would think I WOULD be losing weight not eating ANYTHING after 1pm, but for some reason my weight is skyrocketing. I did start doing situps in the mornings again. I don't look forward to gaining pregnancy weight....especially since I haven't lost the last pregnancies extra poundage. I was a slacker. :-(

Jthemilker said...

Wendy... is the exercize "contraption" a snow shovel? HA!!!

Wendy said...

Rebecca...I would love to go to one of those shows...youll have to let me know the details! I hope you had a good time at Fiddler on the Roof!

Regarding your you think it could be twins? And I know you know that you DONT try to LOSE weight during pregnancy...but when you have finished that mission...feel free to join mine!

JJ--we really didnt get the snow you got! Not even enough to sled ride on! So "no" it is not a shovel...ha ha!