Wednesday, December 08, 2010


This project was SO FUN to make! I did one in an evening! I made these for our niece Ella for one of her Christmas presents. I hope that she will like them. I so very badly wanted to embellish with buttons and such...but I didnt know if her parents would like opted for the other.
My kids liked them so much they asked for one! So....I cut out the pattern and made "kits" for them for will be a project that they can do with me! They love using the sewing machine, but rarely get to.
There is a brunette...a blonde...and a freckled red head....they were so easy! If you are interested in making them I can tell you where I found the pattern and directions.
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Jthemilker said...

very cute! The red-head is like Tootsie reincarnated! HA!!!

Full of Grace said...

Okay, I'd love the pattern for this too, you said they were easy right? I'm not great at sewing, do you think I'd be able to make them?

Wendy said...

this is SUPER EASY! Go to Martha Stewart and search Black Apple Dolls. There is a Tutorial that is should watch will make a difference. * note...I embroidered the face...and make sure that you dont stuff the legs and arms too full.