Monday, December 20, 2010


Remember that 8# of felt? Well, I was planning to make Eli a Felt House that fits over our kitchen table. Please don't look too closely...I noticed the crushed up cup Asher was carrying around in the picture, as well as some other things laying on the floor from the same child...Also....this project was done rather hurried.....sooooo....its not all I wanted it to be.
The train has pockets where I can put candy or stickers inside. Originally I would have liked to have done some interactive things like "Build the Snowman" and "Decorate your Tree" with Velcro...But I was running out of time people!
All in all...he wont care that my stitches are crazy...that nothing fits "exactly right"...he will love it...and I am proud of it regardless of all the little mistakes.
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Rebecca said...

this wasn't all you expected it to be?! Are you serious? It is incredible! Seriously-so SO cool!!

Sandi S. said...

You SHOULD be VERY PROUD!! It is absolutely adorable and makes me want one of my own!! hehehe

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Love from your "other sister" Sandi

Jemit said...

You did such a fantastic job, Wen.. you are truly amazing!

abigail said...

This is AWESOME! I've had a table/playhouse on my infamous nothing-ever-gets-done-list for years now, but what was in my head was not nearly as cool as this! I'm so impressed by all the things you made. They're all awfully cute, and for the record, you're definitely crafty. :)

I also wanted to drop in to thank you for your brilliant silhouette pillow idea. I ended up making one for my mom-in-law (staying up almost all night before we left to visit them), and she loved it. Kudos to you!