Monday, December 20, 2010


Have you ever wondered why boys like trains? I don't know...but they ARE cool. Uncle Cliff got this train for Isaac when he had his first Christmas. I remember him laying beside it...pushing up on his belly every time it came around. The kids still love it...and go bonkers when we get it out. This year Asher was amazed. Eli was so excited that every time it came around he would scream in delight and then grab it off the track. Of course Asher tried the they seem content to allow it to is all quite magical somehow isnt it? At any rate, I think this train must have paid for itself over and over Cliff :-)

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Rebecca said...

that top picture of the train is rock on awesome. AWESOME angle, awesome perspective, awesome shot. Good job!

#2: I have always wanted a Christmas train-never have gotten one though. Maybe that will be a Judah present in the future.

#3: Cory looks handsome in his goatee. Maybe he has always had one and I just don't remember.

#4: That third picture down made me realize how much Cory and Asher look alike.

#5, since I am on a roll: Meeeeeeeeeeeerrrrry Christmas!

abigail said...

Love that train! I never knew that this was a Christmas tradition in many homes until about 2 years ago. How come I was cheated growing up?!