Saturday, September 25, 2010


I finally found the power cord for my laptop...which is where I keep all of my pictures! if you do not want to see a ton of photos then stop here...

Most of them were summer kind of winding down...getting ready for school...and misc.

Cory is over half-way through with his 4th class...he is doing fabulous! Im so proud of him. He is practicing his archery for when he goes to Ohio with his buddies.

I am excited to have come back from a girls weekend at the was a great time of fellowship, and encouragement!

Isaac is playing piano and drums, and involved in scouts....he loves his new classroom teacher, and is doing well in school so far!

Esther is also playing piano. I love to sit and listen to her play after supper...she is so relaxing! She also loves her classroom teacher and is looking forward to a fun 3rd grade year!

Gayle is in 1st grade...and is excited to have her classroom teacher too! She is learning a lot so far, and is happy to have a chrysilis to watch in her room. Every day when she comes home from school she asks if she can put lipstick on...and she does.

Elijah just started preschool and loves it! There is so much to do...and it is so exciting for him! I am enjoying sharing in this special time with him. They are planning a field trip to the apple farm...I have been to this 3 other times...but it will be just as special with my little guy. Elijah had his 1st trip to the dentist today...he did so well! When did he start growing up?

Asher...what can I say...he is rapidly growing before my eyes....he is so loving...and snuggly! We are almost done nursing...and then he will appear even more grown up. He loves balls...and FOOD! That kid can eat!

We are certainly blessed. That is the update in a nutshell...Hope you all are doing well.

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Full of Grace said...

So happy you found your power cord- I missed you :) It was wonderful seeing you on Monday! I enjoyed it alot and hope we can set up a dinner date the three of us very soon :)