Wednesday, May 04, 2011


So...Once again, I am scolded for my lack of "keeping up to date" photos...never mind the fact that the last ones I posted were like a million of them...:-) At any rate...I scrounged up a few that I had. The first one is Asher with his first real injury. This actually does not look was an actual hole in his head. If you want to know what might want to ask was compliments of her.

Isaac had his cross-over ceremony and was so surprised to see his Uncle Cliff come and make an appearance. This was the highlight of his night for sure!

Cory was proud to hand over his cub master patch to someone else. Below...Isaac is looking at his new Boy Scout handbook...I was glad to catch this looks like he is pondering all that the future of Scouts holds for him...We were very proud...and he was too. He was awarded many pins and awards that night. Job well done Isaac!
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Rebecca said...

Can one HAVE too many updates? I think not.

COngrats to Isaac and a few kisses sent to that sad looking forehead. :-)