Saturday, October 29, 2011


I realize I have not posted in ages...I have a ton of photos...but not a ton of time. Still.....I like to keep a little photo journal of our adventures. The following is a whole slew of pics from the most recent...( the first day of school...) It may be outdated...but still noteworthy:) The top photo is our trip out to Homecoming at Geneva. Isaac brought his friend with him...they plan to be roommates. We gave them the full college experience....from dining in the dining seeing the dorm rooms...they were surprised how messy they were :-)
At one of the rest stops along the way...

they look related.

Hmmm.....I wanted to make sure I got a shot of them in the Library... You never know what their study habits will be...I hope to see them in there quite often :-)Posted by Picasa

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Woman with the Yellow Hat said...

Delightful since I can picture where in your house and b/c of the cinnamon rolls!! And then--my reason for signing in--soo thought of you all wk b/c I never found time to call for your special day--HB!!