Saturday, December 31, 2011


I am forever always behind in the posting of my pictures...though I think I do quite well at capturing the moments.... The first picture is a project Isaac had to do for science. It is a cell project. It was quite involved, and he got a great grade on it!

You may remember Isaac doing his longhouse project in 4th grade. Well, it is Esther's turn. She decided upon doing a wigwam. She worked very hard on this, and it turned out really cool! The outside fire actually has a flameless tealight candle in it really looked like a real fire amidst all of the tissue paper. If you look close enough the Algonquin Indians are actually Esther and Isaac!

They had animal skins on their beds so she used an animal printed material to represent that. I wish we would have had time to go out and get real bark for the wigwam...but this material seemed to represent it quite well. She got a great grade as well, and I am so proud of my kids when they are working so diligently!

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