Friday, October 19, 2012

STUFF...OCT 2012

There are too few pictures of Cory and I together for my liking. 

This shot made me laugh...the looks on both of their faces are humorous.  HA!

The eyes I always dreamed of...belong to my daughter.  *sigh*...I suppose if they belonged to me ..I wouldn't be able to gaze at them.

Gayle with her flower garden.  Many a bouquet was picked by this little lady.
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Full of Grace said...

Up until my cruise I didn't have ANY current pics of Bob and I together, but now I have a bunch and it makes me so happy! Love all your pics but especially the one of you and Cory! :)

Rebecca said...

I agree- one can never have too many pictures of the "couple" and sadly, they are usually the ones that get the least. You guys look great!

Looks like you had a beautiful, sweet summer! And yes, Esther has some seriously gorgeous eyes and Gaylee has some seriously gorgeous flowers!

When can we get together, you? What week in November looks good for you? Lets get this road on the show! I miss you!