Friday, June 07, 2013


Since Cory stopped coaching, and we decided to take the kids out of sports for the spring/summer...we have been able to have much more family time.  We have gone hiking, stayed at the cottage, and various misc. things.  It has been so nice, and it feels SO good.
I think this was the first overnight we had at the cottage this year.  This was breakfast-time.  Chocolate Chip pancakes!
Wiffle Ball!
The cottage with the new front addition! 
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Rebecca said...

That is so great for you guys! I know how much time sports took, especially for Cory. I was always amazed that he could work so hard and then coach and THEN study AND THEN be a father/husband.

So glad you all have a bit more leisure time these days. And a cool cabin to go to while leisureling. ;-)

Full of Grace said...

Wendy! :) For some reason my blog never shows your link to your blog- Somehow, and I don't know why, I could see it today so you were the FIRST person I visited ;) WIll be in touch soon to get together!! :)