Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Wow...when I look at this picture... I see how big he really is...he used to be such a small little thing...Cory calls him the "Peanut Mamas Boy"....I always answer...there's nothing wrong with a "Peanut Mamas Boy" :-)
These aren't the best photos obviously, but since I was in the shot AND took them myself you have to cut me a little slack...PLUS ... I was carrying a "Peanut Mamas Boy" in my arms!
Here he is...the Peanut Mamas Boy! (nothing wrong with that!)Posted by Picasa


Full of Grace said...

he is so precious but still looks like a peanut to me:) you are beautiful and don't think otherwise!!

Woman with the Yellow Hat said...

Seriously--beautiful and wearing a white shirt! Hmm, 12 yrs ago about this time the rest of NS was up @ the cabin while I and "the Brother" were leaving CHRPC to join them. Happy Anniversary!!!