Friday, August 20, 2010

Birthday Cakes...

Happy 1st Birthday Asher!
Happy 8th Birthday Esther!
Happy 6th Birthday Gayle!
Yes...what is this? This would be the result of me baking 3 cakes...trying to get everything perfect....only to find a certain 3 year old helped himself to part of the ear. This was our dessert that is totally how I felt....crazy and out of control :-) I had to bake another cake. So 4 cakes in all!Posted by Picasa


Rebecca said...

um-you are an insane woman. THREE birthday cakes at one time? (Er, I mean FOUR?!?!) HOW did you do it? HOW did you EAT them all?!? Oh my-I am not really a "cake" person so I would be positively GREEN with that many!

Course, I would have been green just from all the work making them!

You get the Greatest Mama Award this month, for sure! (and you did a LOVELY job decorating too! I loved the horse best of all!)

Jthemilker said...

Excellent job Wendy! I didn't know you were into making cakes these days.

Full of Grace said...

You did a GREAT job on all of them, but I really love Asher's elephant!!! It has such a cute face :)