Monday, August 16, 2010


Its true...we have been so very busy! We recently came back from a short vacation where we were visiting my folks and one of our good friends! It was a great time.

Elizabeth and Rebecca~ I was so sad to know that I missed out on Ladies Night...Most likely I was in Pittsburgh :-( Please oh please do this again!

Elizabeth and Rebecca~ I am hosting a Psalm Sing / Bring a Yummy Snack to share at our home on Saturday around 6:30-7:00 ish.........Let me know if you can come! There is a detour on our road so I will have to email you alternate directions to get here.

What else is new? Something really exciting! My two oldest Isaac and Esther had been taking communicant/membership classes. They were examined, and made a public profession of faith this past Sunday, and also took their first communion. They were so very excited to join, and to share in the Lords Supper. We had taken the kids to pick out their very own Bibles to get them ingrained in having their own personal devotions. They picked out an NIV Bible called "The Adventure Bible" They have been showing it to anyone who will makes me proud. We got them their own Psalters for Christmas last year. I think I will get them their own bags to carry their books for Christmas. Gayle picked out a little girls night time devotional which was really special to her. I have been reading to them from the Vos Story Bible at night, and they seem to enjoy that. I feel like we have been doing really well on our committment to do family worship this summer. I hope that the school year will hold true as well.

Cory is almost done with his 3rd class. I think he has a week or two before the next ones start. He has been able to find time to get them done, and has 9 credits under his belt...Im so proud of him!

Asher is getting so big.

Eli is getting so big.

That makes me feel sad.

Hope everyone is having a great week...I should have B-day pictures to post at some point.


Full of Grace said...

I'm sorry Wendy, I won't be able to make it. Saturday is my bday and after I am done working Bob is taking me out for dinner. I hope you have a great turnout though, and hopefully after the newest baby Newman makes it's appearance we can have another ladies night, only this time with you too! :)

Rebecca said...

ugh. I want so badly to go-but I can't. Is it rude of me to ask you to do it again sometime and invite me again?!?!?!? Pretty please?

REALLY missed you the other night-but the way I see it, that means we get to do it again soon! (As long as you don't mind me tagging a suckling munchkin with) I would love that.

CONGRATULATIONS on Isaac and Esthers' classes. What a wonderful, blessed thing! It must have been wonderful to watch them partake of the Lords Supper. What a blessing indeed.

We have a lot of catching up to do-Smooch come sooN!

Woman with the Yellow Hat said...

Soooooo great to read this (yeah, Wed blog time hasn't allowed time for reading--just posting)!! And wahoo that I'm so hoping to go to our fair next wknd and hoping that we can do 4H in future yrs!