Thursday, November 04, 2010


While I don't want to take away from the Thanksgiving Holiday...I enjoy this time of year especially...since I get to practice being more thoughtful. I have been researching some really cool ideas for Christmas gifts that wont cost an arm or a leg :-) I have to start now so that I can get everything in! I am hoping to make *at least one* handmade item for each member of the family. I actually crocheted a really cute little pink hat for my niece Ella, only to find that it was not going to fit...but look on the bright side...someone will need a little pink hat...*somewhere!* I can't really give out my ideas all at once since the receivers will be I will try to have an unvieling at another time...or just ask me about it if you really want to know!

Time to get the craft room cleaned up!!!!


Rebecca said...

oh---I'll be ASKING! TOMORROW NIGHT! (So excited!!!!)

PS. you have a craft room?!?! How fun is that!

Full of Grace said...

I am hoping to do the same thing..Great reminder that I need to "have at it" and get started (I am just doing it for each member of my family, not extended) Can't wait to see you tonight! :)