Monday, February 04, 2013


 Cory and I worked hard to turn this old entertainment center into a fun Barbie house for Gayle.  She expressed wanting one, and so I figured this would most likely be one of the last couple of years that she would be into it.  She loved it, and we were proud of how it turned out :-)

 I just used scrapbook paper for the walls...I made the bed from a cereal box, pencils and duct tape.  The floors were contact paper from the dollar looked very cool!

This room was mismatched really ...I need to do it over.

The sofas were made out of cereal boxes and a table runner I bought from the dollar store.  

The adirondak chairs were 1.00 at AC Moore...and the table was a plastic glass flipped over with a cocktail plate on top.  I modge podged a wood grain paper turned out cool.
 I would have loved to have had something like this growing up...
 Hooray for homemade gifts that don't break the bank!


Rebecca said...

Amen to THAT!

This dollhouse is SO great. I love a good dollhouse project and you were very clever in your creating furniture for it! Love the BEDROOM ESPECIALLY but that fireplace is super cool too.

We have a really large (furniture sized) dollhouse too and personally- we REALLY LOVE making things from oven-bake clay for it. Mostly food (like pies using bottlecaps for the pieplates) and donuts with bead sprinkles, etc. but we also make things like flowers for vases, baskets, and fire for the fireplace. The kids love it. Google clay dollhouse food or handmade dollhouse food and you will see a million different cool ideas.

Now that you have a dollhouse, I bet your girls would be ALL OVER making stuff to go in it!

Woman with the Yellow Hat said...

LOVE! Reminds me of the dollhouse, which was Betsy & Christi Carson's when they were little, that my mom fixed up!

Now ... yes, I'm only seeing this now ... and I'd totally planned to call you today for the annual b-day call! Maybe and hopefully soon!