Monday, February 04, 2013


Well...I guess there are just times that you feel like your priorities shouldn't be blogging on the computer...HA!  I wanted to put a few things in for Journalings (I don't think that is a word.) sake.  So here are a few highlights. 

I am anxious to be able to look at everyones has been so long, and I hope that I can sit down with something warm in a mug, and catch up with everyone soon.  Hope you are all staying warm! 


Rebecca said...

Just wanted to say HEY!

How about we have a girls' dinner sometime this month? Are you up for it?

PS. Really great family picture over there ---------->.

What a beautiful family you are.

Rebecca said...

Hey Wendy! How does next week look for a possible girls' night? I have to check with Matt to see if he is out of town at all but Elizabeth has already said she is free.

Is next week good for you? Any particular days better? I'll let you know when I found out on my end. :-)