Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting Corys classroom ready for a new year!

The head trouble maker.
An unruly bunch...
Definately unruly!

Cory hard at work?

Task--Type Dads lesson plans.
Payment--Ice Cream!


Rebecca said...

I am WAY behind on blog posts! See where going away for a week gets me?!?

Seeing how there are so many posts and how it is already midnight on Saturday night (er, Sunday morning) I will keep this brief.

Just wanted to say I am loving all the updates and scrolling through your life one blogpost at a time. And that I absolutely *LOVE* that second picture down with all the kids at the desks. THAT picture, my friend, ROCKS.

AND that I have heard lots of people start facebook and then stop blogging---so PLEASE, I beg you, don't do that! I joined facebook but am planning on cancelling just because....I am never on it. Notoriously bad face-booker. Maybe that is because blogging takes up so much of my time there is none left for facebook. Who knows. But I think it would be (in the words of Art Fawthrop) tragic and sad if you stopped blogging cuz of Facebook.

There. That's all.

Oh-one more thing. Thanks for saying my words are like spinning magic. That wasn't silly and actually, I found it to be one of the greatest compliments ever. About writing a book~that is a dream of mine. Oh how I would LOVE to be an author...but then~who would actually READ what I have to say?!?

I'd love to have you come out sometime next week if you are free (and willing). Let me know.

PS. so much for short and sweet.

Wendy said...

Hi Rebecca! No I wont stop is sort of like a journal for me:)

About the book thing--just do it! I myself would like to as well, and I have tried just for my own enjoyment...what is to lose? You really DO have a fabulous gift...and I do mean gift.

I would love to come over sometime next week. The only commitment I have is taking Isaac to the orthodontist on Thurs. and I might even be able to get Cory to take him. Let me know what you are thinking:) I hope I still have your library invite...otherwise I will need a new set of directions...let me check!