Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hi everyone. Here are some new pictures to share. Asher is growing so fast...I still don't know who I think he looks like. I recently looked at my own baby pictures and they looked very much alike...but really...who can tell that young? Our house is still torn apart...I cant wait to put it back together! Our family also enjoyed the fair this week...I tried to get some good shots.

Cory has started Football camp. He coaches the 7th grade this camp is required. This morning he went out with one of his buddies to go fishing...they did quite well. He has another trip that he planned a while ago coming up this week too...Summer is coming to a close for him. While he stayed busy with his side jobs...he still had a nice summer...especially the fact that he gained a brand new son!

I hope you all are having fun this week...enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!


Elizabeth said...

Great Job Isaac! Loved all the pics Wendy! Sorry I didn't get to calling you this week, I have been doing all day care for 3 little ones besides my own and I just haven't had the chance. Now I am also working today and prepping for vacation which is in just a few days so I am not planning any kid playground picnic get togethers this week, I'm Sorry! Hopefully in a week or two :)

Wendy said...

Have fun on Vacation...we can get together when you get back:) No biggie...I know how it is!