Friday, September 18, 2009

Bat Removal Project...COMPLETE!!!

This is the upstairs "landing". We took out the small room between Isaacs room and the small yellow room. Looks like we need to refinish the floors...maybe a carpet for now. The wall color is called Lambswool.
The small yellow room, has ready to use crawl spaces for our junk to enjoy...this color was called colonial yellow.

Isaacs bedroom...My mom said the color was startling or something like that...I like it...its called hydrangea...the floor has to go...

We are currently trying to go through all of our stored items downstairs in hopes that not all of them will go back is going slower than we glad that we arent being to hasty...we lived like this for 2 months...whats a little more? Hooray!


The Zombeck's said...

Both room's look great.The colors are awesome.

Rebecca said...

I think it looks FABULOUS! I think yellow rooms are the prettiest rooms ever---so bright and cheerful!

You KNOW~ you COULD paint the floor in the landing. That would be quick and easy.

I admire your persistence in getting rid of so much stuff. I am getting that vibe myself these days but I am too tired to think about it...not so motivated as you!