Friday, September 25, 2009



I admit this was harder than it sounded. I love these curtains in my girls room...they make me think of the wind even without a breeze. My friend from is hosting this challenge...please join is just for fun, and you dont need to be a professional..(obviously.) This was fun.


Bonnie said...

Hi Wendy! Great photos- your curtains are beautiful!

...they call me mommy... said...

LOVE IT! I can just hear the wind softly shuffling through the curtains...ahhhhh! What a relaxing sound! :)

Happy Friday!

Rebecca said...

The minute your first picture loaded, before I read words or anything, I thought "wow. Those curtains even REMIND me of the wind..."

They are GORGEOUS!

BTW~is there anything better than fresh fall wind coming in the windows? Ahhhhh.

Wendy~ I am SO glad you are participating! (and having FUN!) I am really enjoying it too!

Elizabeth said...

I am echoing everyone else's sentiments- but I have to say I LOVE the curtains..They are frilly and girly, but they do remind me of the wind as well (but like I said, this has already been said before :P) :)

Devildogwife said...

There is something very relaxing about the wind blowing in through the curtains. I look forward to cooler temps when I can actually open my windows. (It's still over 100 here.) For now, I'll just enjoy your breeze.