Monday, June 22, 2009


Hello everyone. I thought I would create a new look for my blog...I think it looks pretty good. I was afraid that I would forget how to do that kind of stuff. If you scroll down to the bottom I even have a cute little fish tank with 5 can feed them if you click your mouse...ha ha. My kind of pets...

I found this neat site on where you can watch a video of a birth. The reason I was looking was that Esther has been very interested in the whole birth process. I am not sure that I want her in the delivery room with me...I just dont know how she will do. Anyways...they have a very cool birth simulation video which I thought was really educational. I also let her watch the live birth with an epidural, that was a lot more graphic obviously, but I figured that since we had been talking about our bodies lately, that I would allow her this. I did not show her the natural birth video...I am sure I will have many opinions about this...but I believe that it was a good teaching tool none the less.

I hope that all of you are having a great day. The kids have an early dismissal today , tomorrow , and Wednesday. I can't wait until they are home for the summer...Cory is wrapping up his year as well. He hasn't had students for a week I think. He has been creating projects, and adding to existing ones for the next year. He had a really good year, and got great evaluations for both coaching and teaching...Way to go Cory!

Well, the agenda now is for us to get our entire house in order for Ashers arrival. I have a room to paint...the color is called "inchworm" (YIKES!!!)... white letters for the boys names to put up...and everything baby...I would like the house to be in good we have lots to do. Laundry is the #1 culprit...I just cant seem to keep up. Oh well, As soon as Cory is done...we will be busy bees!!! I guess I had better accomplish something today besides sitting on the computer and playing:) Enjoy the day!


Rebecca said...


I am SO glad you are back to blogging! I won't say how much I was missing hearing from you! (it was a lot, ok?!?)

And at the PERFECT time too~so I get to meet little Asher right away!

(Of course, I am still holding out for you to let me photograph the birth...)

I was sorry to miss seeing you in Owego the other day but I bet it was nice to visit without me as a tagalong too.

Hey...if you bring something to wear and stay a little later at the book exchange (I *HOPE* you are coming!) I would love to take some belly pictures. I jump at any chance to take pictures of people other than myself because it makes me feel cool. Plus, if ever I put together a portfolio, there would be some variety! hehe

Happy birthdays, anniversaries and DAYS to everyone over there! Yay for you blogging again!

Rebecca said...

PS. How is it that your face is so crazy thin at nine months pregnant?!? I chub out like crazy.


Wendy said...

Yes, I am glad to be back at it!!! You are more than welcome to photograph the birth...We can talk details later when I see you!!! What would I wear for belly shots? Hmmmmmm.

Elizabeth said...

Inchworm sounds great for a kids room- especially with white initial letter on the wall- super cool, I love it! :)

Spark said...

I like the new look to the blog. Looks like you guys had a great time at Wolf's lodge. Can't wait till we can all get together again.