Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Last Day of School...Hooray!!!!

I admit that the last day of school is probably more exciting for me than for the kids. So much so, that I mistakenly thought that they were finished 2 hours earlier. So I sat, and sat in the parking lot waiting for them to open the doors...odd. So I called Cory...just what is going on? Seems I messed up...drat. Oh well...soon enough! No real plans for the day...just coming home and enjoying each others company.

Yesterday I thought I would treat the kids to going to the town swimming pool. I packed all of their things and hid them in the back of the van. When I picked them up they asked if I would take them to the park...I said maybe. Well, I turned into the park and drove right past the swings and slides, and straight to the pool...they were sooo excited. We played there for about 2 hrs, then Eli started getting fussy--so we opted to head home. I faithfully put 50spf on the kiddos, and failed to put it on myself. My shoulders are a nice shade of lobster...ha.

Well, I am almost done painting the boys room. I have about 1/4 left to do, and then the trim. I bought a crib set, matching curtains, and hamper at a garage sale this summer so I cant wait to set it up. Corys mom came and got the curtains for me yesterday. They are quite large, and she is going to cut and sow for me. While I was painting the room, Cory was doing lawn work. He told me he came across a snakeskin that was about 2ft long by the tiny patio set where we sit!!!!! I wish he hadn't told me that. I woke up this morning wondering if it could get into the house somehow. I was so freaked out by it, that I woke Cory up and asked him. He said it couldn't get in...I said we had that one snake in the house before...he said...that was a tiny snake ...this one is really big....this did not set my mind at ease. Needless to say I was up worrying most of the early morning. Now I am tired.

Well, I hope that everyone has a great day today...I am happy that Cory is done tomorrow as well...only he will go fishing to celebrate it with his buddies:) Enjoy the sunshine!!!!

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Rebecca said...

you and your snakes.... :-)

PS. I love how you are excited for your kids to come for summer vacation. Almost everyone I talk to complains about summer vacation and having their kids HOME. That is so weird to me. Your kids are really blessed to have you.